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Property Tax Exemptions

The Assessing Department determines which properties qualify for a real estate tax exemption. Most exempt property gains its exemption under state law. There are a few situations where the City Council has the ability to grant exemptions.

Some exemptions include:
  • Remodeling Exemptions: The tax increase resulting from major remodeling or renovation may be exempt for up to a 5 year period. Certain conditions and limitations apply.
  • Charitable Organizations
  • Blind Homeowners
  • Homeowner confined to use of wheelchair

Some property tax credits include:
  • Disable Veteran owner
  • Senior Citizens or Disabled Citizens
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Appealing Your Property Valuation

There are various methods available for appealing the valuation of your property:
  • INFORMAL - Visit with local Assessing Department staff with facts about your property value.
  • FORMAL - Enter a protest of your valuation with the City Board of Equalization the second Tuesday of April each year or the County Board of Equalization on the first Tuesday of June each year. These protests can be made in person at the meeting or in writing, prior to the meeting.
  • LEGAL - An owner may file an application for abatement and settlement of taxes with the county auditor.
For further information on the assessment or appeal process contact the Assessing Department at 701-746-2611

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Assessment Roll

Each year, there is an assessment roll which lists every property and whether it is taxable or exempt. Taxable property is listed showing the value of the land, improvements and total.

This roll is supplied to the County Auditor and becomes the basis for real estate taxation in the city of Grand Forks.

Each local government entity has the authority to levy a portion of the consolidated mill rate. The mill rates are determined by dividing the government budget requests by total taxable value of that jurisdiction.

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Sales Tax

The current city sales tax rate is 6 3/4%. This means that 6.75 cents is collected in taxes for each dollar spent on taxable goods and services.

Here's where the city's 1.75% goes - -
This 1.75% is proportioned into the following areas:
Property tax relief
Economic Development
Alerus Events Center

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