Urban Development

The purpose of the Urban Development Department is to encourage the wise and full utilization of the City's human and physical resources. The Office of Urban Development is responsible for the administration and management of a variety of economic development and housing programs. These activities are performed under the guidance and supervision of the Grand Forks City Council, Growth Fund Board of Directors, and miscellaneous advisory bodies.

2014 CDBG Application

2013 Special Events Program

Mayor's Urban Neighborhood Initiative

Renaissance Zone Plan

Green3 Grand Forks

Urban Development Reports Available on-line
11/12/20102010-14 City of Grand Forks 5 year Consolidated Plan
03/22/20122011 CAPER
03/22/20132012 CAPER
05/30/20132012 HUD Annual Community Assessment
03/18/20142013 CAPER
04/09/20142013 HUD Annual Community Assessment
11/07/20132014 Annual Action Plan
01/08/2010American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
05/17/2011Draft Renasissance Zone Plan
01/21/2011Fair Housing Impediments Analysis
08/29/2012Housing Needs Assessment
08/29/2012Impediments to Fair Housing Choice

To contact the Urban Development Department:

1405 1st Ave. N.
Grand Forks, ND 58203
Phone: (701) 792-2876
FAX: (701) 795-6314

Individual Contact Information

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Urban Development
Greg HooverDirector787-9436
Ashley HooverOffice Specialist792-2876
Peggy KurtzGrant Compliance Officer792-2883
Andrea LarawayCommunity Betterment Officer792-2867
Joe O'NeilConstruction Compliance Officer787-9435
Debra Pflughoeft-HassettEnergy Sustainability Coordinator792-2878
Meredith RichardsCommunity Development Manager792-2864
Melanie RichardsonOffice Specialist Sr.792-2877

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