Committee Minutes

Alerus Center Task Force
Alerus Commission - Finance Committee
Alerus Commission - Finance/Renovation Committee
Alerus Commission Celebration Committee
Alerus Commission Renovations Committee
Alerus Commission
Alternative Energy Subcommittee
Board of Adjustment
Board of Appeals
Board of Equalization
Business Friendly Grand Forks Task Force
Cabinet on Young People
City Council-Redistricting Subcommittee
Civil Service Commission
Downtown Design Review Board
Education Subcommittee
Finance Development Committee acting as the Audit Committee
Finance/Development Committee
Finance/Development Standby Committee
Flood Protection
Flood Response
GF Immigration Integration Initiative
GHG Baseline Subcommittee
Green3 Resource Committee
Green3 Resource Subcomittee
Growth Fund Committee
Growth Fund/JDA
Historical Preservation Commission
Homeless Task Force
JDA/Growth Fund Committee

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