Landlord Training

A program relatively new to our city and the police department is the Landlord Training Program. Originating in Portland, Oregon in 1989, the program was developed to help landlords remove drug dealers from their rental properties. The program currently is used in 22 states, and covers a wide variety of topics.

The program bases its foundation on two major concepts: 1) the quality of life in a community can be affected to a large degree by the ability of landlords to effectively manage their rental properties, and 2) there are simple, fair and legal techniques that landlords can use to curb illegal activity on their properties.

The program teaches landlords how to effectively screen their applicants. It is much easier to screen out a bad applicant than to evict a bad tenant. The program also teaches landlords how to keep good tenants once they find them.

The program instructs landlords how to prepare their property in order to discourage illegal activity. They are encouraged to actively manage their properties. Criminals are less likely to use the property for illegal activity if management is actively caring for the property.

In order for management to detect illegal activity, the program instructs them on warning signs of drug activity, in terms of manufacturing, distributing and using.

The program covers rental agreements and evictions, and also provides landlords with effective methods for obtaining information from the police which can be used for making both screening and eviction decisions.

Although the program was focuses on drug activity, the information gained can assist landlords in dealing with a variety of tenant issues.

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