Grand Forks Police Department
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Emergency: 911
Non-Emergency: 701-787-8000
Business hours: M-F, 8 to 5 pm
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Press 3: GF County Jail
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Community Policing
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Human Resources Bureau
Uniform Patrol

    Records Administration Bureau

    Records Supervisor
    Penny Johnson

    Key Responsibilities
    • Records and Documentation Control
    • Uniformed Patrol and Investigation Support
    • Department Administrative Support
    The Records Administration Bureau (RAB) is responsible for the archiving and maintenance of all GFPD records and reports. In addition, RAB handles and directs telephone and walk-up inquires to the department.

    The Records Administration Bureau staff must stay abreast of open records laws to ensure confidentiality for the victims while still providing information to the public. The staff consistently evaluates current and potential processes intended to enhance the flow of information while striving to maintain accuracy and quality of records.

    If you have questions regarding services provided by the Records Administration Bureau, please contact Penny Johnson at 787-8000 or via email at

    Records & Administration Information

    Records Hours

    Normal business hours are from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Monday through Friday. The Records Administration Bureau will be closed on city recognized holidays. The Records Administration Bureau can be reached at 787-8000.

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    Investigative Reports

    Copies of Investigative Reports can be obtained during normal business hours. Reports can be picked up at the main window of the Police Department. A $2.00 fee will be charged for each report requested. Release of information will be in accordance with North Dakota’s open records laws and Grand Forks Police Department policies.

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    Crash Reports

    Crash Report copies may be obtained in a variety of ways:
    • ONLINE: Completed crash reports are available at Docview adds a convenience fee for this service. The cost for online crash report access will be $13.00. You will need the date of the crash and crash report number to purchase a copy online.
    • GRAND FORKS POLICE DEPARTMENT: Completed crash reports can be picked up at the main window of the Police Department. A $7.00 fee is charged for each report requested.
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    Parking Tickets

    Parking tickets are issued by a variety of entities within the City of Grand Forks. If you have any concerns about a parking ticket you received, refer to the lower portion of your parking ticket. The issuing agency, if other than the Grand Forks Police Department, and their telephone number is stamped in the remarks section of the original ticket on the lower portion of the ticket. Contact the issuing agency with any questions regarding your parking ticket. Agencies authorized to issue parking tickets include:

    Grand Forks Police Department787-8021
    General Security Service Corp (Airport)795-6981 ext. 646
    Grand Forks Street Department738-8740
    UND Police Department777-3491
    Grand Forks Parking Authority792-2876
    Grand Forks Park District746-2750
    Red River High School746-2205 *6804
    Central High School746-2462
    American Security and Protection (Altru Hospital)780-5858

    Procedure for Review of Parking Tickets Issued by the Grand Forks Police Department:

    1. Contact the agency that issued the parking ticket with your questions or concerns. If the parking ticket was issued by an agency other than the GFPD, the phone number for that agency is stamped in the remarks section of the original ticket.

    2. For tickets issued by the GFPD:
      A. Come to the Police Department during normal business hours (Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00pm) to complete a review form.
      B. Download the Parking Ticket Review Form and the Parking Ticket Review Procedures from these links, complete the form and mail to: Parking Ticket Review, Grand Forks Police Department, P.O. Box 5548, Grand Forks, ND 58206-5548.

    3. The review will be completed by a Sergeant within the GFPD.

    4. You will be notified of the review disposition within three business days.

    5. If you are not satisfied with the findings of the review you may request a hearing in Grand Forks Municipal Court. If you do not request a hearing in Municipal Court and payment is not made to the Police Department for the violation, a Failure to Appear Warrant for Arrest will be issued on or about the 28th calendar day after the parking ticket was originally issued.

    Requesting a Hearing in Grand Forks Municipal Court:

    1. You must go to Municipal Court in person to request a hearing. You must take with you a copy of the review form completed by the Grand Forks Police Department.

    2. Municipal Court requires you to post the bond for the parking ticket (current dollar amount of the ticket on the day you go to the Municipal Court office to request a hearing).

    3. A hearing date will be scheduled by the Clerk of Municipal Court.

    4. On the day of the hearing, the Municipal Judge will determine if you are guilty or not guilty of the violation.

    5. If found Not Guilty the amount you paid Municipal Court will be returned to you. If found Guilty you will be sentenced in accordance with the GF Municipal Code.

    Parking Ticket Fees:



    After 4 weeks all unpaid parking tickets may result in a Failure to Appear Arrest Warrant being issued by Municiple Court.

    Owners of a towed vehicle for parking violations must pay the contract wrecker fee plus the bond listed for the parking violation.

    Parking Ticket Fee Payment:

    Parking ticket fees may be paid using cash, money order, personal check, or credit card (convenience fee applies). Payments for parking violations may be remitted in a variety of ways to include:
    • Payment by mail. Include the copy of the ticket you received.
    • Payment in person at the main window of the Police Department.
    • Drop boxes located at the public entrances to the Police Building.
    • Payment by credit card by calling 1-701-787-8021. (there is an additional convenience fee)

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    Vehicle Impounds

    It is preferred that vehicles be released during normal business hours. If extenuating circumstances exist you may retrieve your vehicle after business hours by coming to the Police Building and speaking to dispatch personnel. Some things to remember regarding vehicle impounds are:
    • Fees may be paid by cash, personal check, money order, or credit card (additional convenience fee).
    • Vehicles will be released to registered owners only. (Have proof of identification when retrieving your vehicle.)
    • If you recently purchased the vehicle, bring the title or bill of sale with you as proof of ownership.
    • Ensure that you have a legally licensed driver to drive the car away from the impound lot.
    • Your vehicle must have current registration and you must present proof of insurance or you will need to make arrangements to have it towed.

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    Dog/Cat Licenses

    Dog or cat licenses may be obtained through the Finance Department 701 746-2620

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    Concealed Weapons Permits

    Concealed Weapon Permit application and instructions are available at the North Dakota Attorney General website.

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    If you need your fingerprints taken you will need to contact either:
    • Grand Forks County Sheriff's Department 780-8280
    • Grand Forks County Correctional Center 780-8224

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    Taxi Licenses

    Applications for taxi licenses may be obtained at the main window of the Police Department during normal business hours. A fee of $20.00 is required for processing the initial application. Records Administration Bureau Personnel will process the application and forward to the Criminal Investigations Bureau Lieutenant for final review and approval. If the application is approved, there is an additional $35.00 fee payable upon receipt of your license.

    A yearly renewal fee of $35.00 is payable at time of application.

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