Field Training and Evaluation Program

The Grand Forks Police Department utilizes a Field Training and Evaluation Program (FTEP) to train new recruits. The FTEP is based on the Kaminski model, and utilizes Field Training Officers (FTOs) to train and mentor new officers. The FTEP is sixteen weeks long, and each recruit is assigned three different FTOs through the course of the program. The trainee spends four weeks each on the three different shifts within the Uniform Patrol Bureau. The trainee is assigned a different FTO for each individual four-week “phase” of training. The trainee then returns to the initial assigned shift and FTO for the four week “Evaluation” phase. Upon successful completion of the FTEP, the trainee is assigned as an individual patrol officer to one of the three shifts within the Uniform Patrol Bureau. With this program, training is standardized, and each trainee is given the opportunity to acclimate to the city of Grand Forks and the GFPD before being given an individual patrol assignment.

In addition to patrol duties and responsibilities, trainees are provided training regarding the Criminal Investigation Bureau, the Community Resource Bureau, and the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP). They are also introduced to the operations and duties of various extra-duty and specialized assignments, such as K-9, Bike Patrol, Special Purpose Vehicles, and the different teams within the Special Operations Group.

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