Alcohol Compliance

Our Department has developed programs that better enforce our city's alcohol laws. The programs not only target minors that are illegally consuming this substance, but also the businesses that are selling the products to them. We also provide the business that sell these products with training.
  • Alcohol Compliance Testing: This program is carried out by sending recruited minors into liquor establishments to see if they are allowed to purchase alcohol and/or are allowed on the premises. The goal of this program is voluntary compliance by the liquor establishments.
For more information E-mail: Corporal Dan Braaten or call 787-8082.

  • Server Training: We give our city's liquor establishment employees an opportunity to receive training on various liquor laws and false ID's. Our Bureau provides this training with the assistance of Safe Communities by holding citywide seminars. If you have any questions or would like to attend Server Training contact Bill Vosicek (Safe Communities Coordinator) at 780-5939.
For more information E-mail Corporal Dan Braaten or call 787-8082.
  • Cops in Shops: This program consists of undercover Police Officers that work in our city's bottle shops to deter and/or arrest minors that are attempting to purchase alcohol.
For more information E-mail Sgt. Dwight Love or call 787-8085.
  • Underage Alcohol Enforcement: This program consists of four assigned Police Officers (two are in plain clothes) that respond primarily to loud parties. By focusing on loud parties, we have made more arrests on liquor law violations and have been very successful in dispersing parties.
For more information call Sgt. Dwight Love at 787-8085.
  • DUI Saturation Patrol: This program is funded by ND Department of Transportation to deter Driving Under the Influence. Officers are assigned to specifically look for these types of offenses while on patrol.
For more information call Sgt. Travis Jacobson at 787-8000.