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    City of Grand Forks Police Department
    News Release

    Alcohol Enforcement Efforts

    Date & Time of Event:August 21, 2013
    Location:City of Grand Forks
    ICR #:
    Investigating Officer:
    Daytime Contact Person at PD:
    Release Prepared By:Lt. Dwight Love
    Date of Release:08/21/2013
    Time of Release:1530 hrs


    1. The Grand Forks Police Department has received funding through an agreement with the Northern Lights Youth Services which has enabled us to supplement our investigations into incidents that involve alcohol use by minors, within the City of Grand Forks.

    This funding will be utilized to enhance our efforts when investigating incidents of minors consuming or possessing alcohol. This campaign will allow us to have officers specifically assigned to investigate loud party violations where minors are present, as well as to monitor off-sale venues in attempts to intervene when adults are purchasing for or providing alcohol to minors.

    **Remember: Though these efforts may well aid in curbing the amount of alcohol minors have access to, parents are reminded to properly secure alcohol that they may have inside their residences.

    2. The Grand Forks Police Department is continuing to take part in the Regional DUI Enforcement Effort through September 2nd, 2013. The Grand Forks Police Department will have extra officers on patrol looking specifically for impaired drivers with money provided to our department by the ND Department of Transportation Traffic Safety Office.

    **Remember: Despite the Regional Enforcement Effort being over after September 2nd, 2013. The Grand Forks Police Department will continue to focus our efforts on impaired driving and traffic safety.