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Mission Statement:

Cities Area Transit, as the public transportation provider for Grand Forks, ND and East Grand Forks, MN, will coordinate and provide a multi-modal system of transportation resources.  Cities Area Transit will promote mobility by developing, providing, maintaining, and supporting the development and delivery of public transportation services.  These services will be geared toward improving the quality of life for residents and increasing the economic vitality of Grand Forks and East Grand Forks.


Fixed Route: CAT operates thirteen routes, serving major employment, education, shopping, and entertainment centers in Grand Forks, ND and East Grand Forks, MN.  

Dial-A-Ride: CAT offers origin-to-destination Dial-A-Ride service to persons who are not able to access the fixed route service due to a disability, in accordance with the American's with Disabilities Act.  Eligibility for Dial-A-Ride is determined through an application process.

Senior Rider: CAT offers origin-to-destination Senior Rider service to persons age 62 and older.  Eligibility for Senior Rider is determined through an application process.


Public transportation dates back to 1904, when the City's first electric streetcar ran from downtown Grand Forks to the University of North Dakota campus.  An estimated 300 people rode the streetcar daily, and at times reached a peak of 800 passengers per day. The Street Railway Company extended additional streetcar lines to Lincoln Park, Riverside Park, the Fairgrounds, and East Grand Forks by 1913.  

In 1930 the Street Railway Company purchased two public transportation buses, and later converted to an all bus fleet in 1934. The last electric streetcar clanged through the city on July 1, 1934, and the Street Railway Company changed its name to the Grand Forks Transportation Company.  The City took over operation of public transit services in the mid-1970's and continues to operate in that capacity today.  In 1982 the City Council approved construction of the current City Bus Garage & Administration Offices, moving operations out of an old auto repair shop in downtown Grand Forks.

The City's Public Transportation department (now known as CAT) played a vital role in the evacuation of residents during the catastrophic flood of 1997.  


No person, on the basis of race, color, or national origin, will be subjected to discrimination in the level and quality of transportation services and transit-related benefits.  Any person who believes that he/she or any specific class of persons is subjected to discrimination prohibited by Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 or the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act may by him/herself or by a representative file a written complaint with CAT and/or the Federal Transit Administration.

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