Local radio stations and the Midcontinent Cable TV system are both linked directly to the Emergency Alert System (EAS) - and you will be given any additional safety instructions through those media outlets. In addition, have a plan where you would go in the event of a tornado. Some safe places would include your basement (under the stairs), an interior room on the main floor with no windows (a bathroom), or in Grand Forks, one of the city-wide shelters. If you want to take shelter at a friend or neighbor’s house, ensure that you plan ahead so you aren’t traveling during the dangerous part of the storm.

The Grand Forks city shelters are located at Red River High School (enter at Door 14 on the Sharon Lutheran Church side of the building) and Noren Hall on the UND Campus (please see flyer for more information).

Emergency sirens in Grand Forks are used to warn residents who are outside to seek immediate shelter because of impending severe weather conditions.  The sirens are NOT intended to warn people indoors.  The siren will sound for 3 minute duration and may be sounded more than once during an event.

There are 5 reasons the sirens may be sounded:

1) A tornado warning has been issued in Grand Forks (or the surrounding area) by the National Weather Service

2) A funnel cloud has been spotted near the city of Grand Forks

3) A "wall cloud", which can produce a tornado, is near or moving toward Grand Forks

4) Straight-line winds have been clocked in excess of 70 mph in the Grand Forks area

5) To alert the public of an imminent threat to the community

The Grand Forks city sirens are tested on the first Wednesday of each month throughout the year.  The sirens will sound at 1:00 p.m. throughout the city to make sure all are working properly. 

This map shows the locations of the 2 storm shelters in the City of Grand Forks.  These two storm shelters will be opened during a Tornado Warning.