Storm Clean Up:

City crews will be making one complete pass of the city and pick up trees and debris from the berms.  This process will take about 2 weeks. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Engineering

    • How long will the current pothole fixes last?

    • What will the ballot look like for this special election?

    • How do I get and absentee ballot?

    • How does absentee balloting work?

    • When can I get an absentee ballot for this special election?

    • Where do I vote on election day for the special election on the proposed sales tax?

    • When is the special election on the proposed sales tax?

    • Are there self-haul options for residents or commercial/larger quantities?

    • We have lots of trimming to do with our trees or whole trees to take down – will these go on clean up week?

    • What about residents who live in apartments?

    • If you see your trash has been picked up…but your spring clean up stuff is still there, have your items been missed?

    • What happens if you miss having things out (for Spring Clean up week) on your regular pickup day – is there any other way to dispose of things?

    • Where & when do you put things for pickup during Spring Clean Up Week?

    • What about Computers/Electronics?

    • Why is the sunset on the proposed sales tax 50 years?

    • How does our current sales tax breakdown?

    • Why do we need a new water treatment facility?

    • Who will oversee how the sales tax revenue is spent?

    • What is the Red River Valley Water Supply Project?

    • How much revenue is expected to be raised with a new sales tax?

    • How long will the proposed sales tax last?

    • What can the proposed sales tax revenue be spent on?

    • How much of an increase is this sales tax proposal?

    • Can this sales tax be used for a new library?

    • What about paint and other household chemicals?

    • What won't the city take during spring clean up?

    • What can you throw away during Spring Clean Up Week?

    • Who do I contact if I have a traffic concern?

    • What resources are availale for bicycle safety or bicycle routes?

    • What is the city policy on Children at Play signs?

    • When would a deaf or blind child sign be installed?

    • Where can I find information about flashing beacons?

    • What Pedestrian Roadway warning signs are used in Grand Forks?

    • Where can I find information about the roundabouts?

    • What is the policy on speed limits and speed limit signs?

    • Why and Where are stop signs needed?

    • Where can I find more information about suggested routes to school?

    • Where can I find more information about Traffic Signals?