The Grand Forks Health Department provides state and federal programs designed to improve the health and safety to families in Grand Forks County.

Nursing and Nutrition Supportive Services include:

Breastfeeding Support         

  • Community - promoting breastfeeding as a social norm
  • Home - helping moms reach their breastfeeding goals by providing home visits by qualified breastfeeding counselors
  • Work - assisting businesses in creating policies and work sites that are supportive of breastfeeding employees
  • Childcare - assisting home and center childcare facilities to create an environment where a baby's right to breastmilk is a priority

Child Passenger Safety

  • Car seat education

Home Visits for Pregnant Women and Newborns

  • Promoting optimal prenatal care
  • Follow up visits after hospital discharge
  • Free of charge for all families
  • Assessments done by registered nurses and lactation counselors

Presentations and Education

  • Training and educational opportunities related to maternal and child health