Grand Forks is one of nine communities to receive the State Targeted Response to the Opioid Crisis Grant from the North Dakota Department of Human Services, Behavioral Health Division. This $180,000 grant is devoted to prevention (20% of grant funds) and treatment (80% of grant funds) of grant funds. Grand Forks Public Health is using these funds to prevent opioid overdose and deaths, build sustainable infrastructure for long-term recovery, and partner with existing efforts for primary prevention. These efforts are one component of the Mayor’s Call to Action

Our efforts focus on:

 Prevention  Treatment
Empowering the Individual Building infrastructure 
Protecting the community  Eliminating barriers
Enabling recovery Promoting wellness 


Grand Forks Opioid Response Grant Progress Report October 2017 - January 31, 2018


Grand Forks Public Health is able to provide training on overdose recognition and naloxone administration to organizations. Priority for naloxone training is given to organizations that serve populations that are at high risk for opioid overdose.

Individuals can obtain naloxone training online for free (click here). 

Naloxone is available by pharmacist prescription at select Grand Forks pharmacies. A list of pharmacies with pharmacists that can prescribe naloxone is available (click here).


Grand Forks Public Health has been collaborating with a variety of local providers to provide robust local treatment options.

Grand Forks-based medication assisted treatment providers will be available starting in late March 2018.


Fighting back against the opioid epidemic.

Opioid overdose deaths on the rise.

Killer Crisis: ND health professionals take various tactics to address opioid abuse, treatment.

Grants help law enforcement agencies equip officers with Narcan.

UND Police, Grand Forks Police adding Narcan to curb opioid overdoses.

UND student pushes for better access to overdose antidote. 

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