1997 Flood "By the Number"

In total the 1997 Flood caused an estimated $1.5 Billion in damages to Grand Forks.  83 percent of the residential property in the city had some sort of damage.  The fact that Grand Forks has not only rebuilt after the flood but has thrived is a testament to our citizens and volunteers who helped us get back on our feet.

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The City of Grand Forks is proud of how our community has come back after the Flood of 1997.  Who would have thought 20-years ago that our city would be where it is today.  Below you will find stories from City employees looking back and celebrating Grand Forks is 20 Years Stronger.

Mayor Michael R. Brown

Mark Nelson - Grand Forks Police ChiefAl Grasser - Engineering

Becky Ault - PSAPPlante, Chris - Inspections

Michael Ferguson - Police DepartmentPat French - PSAP

Mark Aubol - Street  DepartmentKim Greendahl -  Greenway