Brand Standards

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Green and blue. UND green, in fact, emphasizing the Proud Home of UND and Airmen Blue denoting our connection with the Grand Forks Air Force Base. The green also signifies our roots in agriculture and related economy and the blue, the rivers from which the community sprang.

The Paddle Wheel is a nod to Steamboat Captain and founder Alexander Griggs and a recognition that the paddle wheel at Town Square has become a unique identifier of our community. These colors along with secondary colors “Prairie Yellow”, “River City Blue” & “Paddle Wheel Grey” will be the colors used for all marketing materials from the City of Grand Forks. The paddle wheel graphic can be used as part of the logo or stand alone.

Primary Logo


City of Grand Forks Full Color Square Logo   The official mark of the City of Grand Forks, the primary logotype should be used whenever possible on all advertising, publications, and communications.

Secondary Horizontal Logo


 City of Grand Forks Full Color Horizontal Logo The horizontal City of Grand Forks logo should be used when horizontal space is limited or when the Vertical logo must be placed in a grouping of other logos, such as sponsorship or partnership listings.

Stand Alone Paddle Wheel
 CityofGF PaddleWheel FullColor

The paddle wheel is used to heighten the visual impact of background content and photography.


City of Grand Forks Colors

Typography is an important part of City of Grand Forks’s visual identity. Use approved fonts on City of Grand Forks designs and communications. Contact with any questions or to request font files.

Approved Fonts

Open Sans Extra Bold (Headlines)

Open Sans (Body)

Myriad pro (Body)

Brusher (Special Events)