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History of the Grand Forks PSAP Center:

1986 - The dispatch center started as a 3 person/ 3 console center.

1997 - The dispatch center expanded to a 4 person/ 4 console center to meet the growing needs of our citizens and emergency response personnel during our busiest times.

2009 - A Joint Powers Agreement between the Grand Forks PSAP Board of Authority and the City of Grand Forks was finalized for a new Public Safety Answering Point Center.

2011 - The dispatch center expanded once again and now has the capability to expand to an 8 person center, if needed.

2013 - Several collaborative efforts completed for sharing equipment and redundancy.

The previous dispatch center was a 450 sq. ft. area. Our new dispatch center is a 4800 sq. ft. building with 1300 sq. ft. of that dedicated to dispatch. The new center is built to withstand an F4 tornado, has a new tower for communications enhancement, and has stand-alone emergency backup power and utilities to ensure continuity of service.


Grand Forks PSAP is the communication link for many agencies including:

33 separate agencies that rely on the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) to coordinate their Emergency Services

Law Enforcement Agencies include:

Grand Forks Police Department 
Grand Forks Sheriff's Office
UND Police Department
Thompson Police Department
Northwood Police Department
Emerado Police Department 
Grand Forks Crisis Negotiator Team
Grand Forks Regional SWAT Team
Grand Forks Regional BOMB Team
Grand Forks Regional Water Rescue Team

Fire Departments include:

Grand Forks                       Thompson
Grand Forks Airport            Hatton
Aneta                                  Inkster
Fordville                              Manvel
Emerado                             Niagara
Larimore                             Reynolds
Northwood                          Olso 
Dahlen                                Gilbly 
Grand Forks Regional Hazardous Materials Team

Ambulance Services include:



Some of what we do:

  • Answering point for 911 calls
  • We work 24/7 365 days a year, Birthdays, Holidays and Weekends 
  • Answering point for emergency and non-emergency calls for the Grand Forks Police Department, Grand Forks Sheriff's Office, University of North Dakota Police Department and PSAP administrative lines.
  • Dispatch the appropriate Law Enforcement, Fire, and Medical personnel.
  • Provide initial Emergency Medical Dispatch Instructions to callers until first responders arrive on scene. 
  • Interpret and define important information emergency personnel need the most efficient services to the public.
  • Monitor National Weather Service alerts and notify emergency responders as well as the public to any weather related watches or warnings.
  • Activate Emergency Alert Systems and/or the emergency warning sirens when the severe weather is forecast.
  • Reverse 911 through CodeRed in order to notify regions of the county or residents in specific areas of potential threats to public safety.


Types of calls we get:

  • We take all calls from the most basic to the most heart wrenching
  • Each call taken is given the same respect that the previous call received regardless of priority or severity
  • People of all ages and races contact us at any given time and are all given the same respect to get the help they need in a timely manner
  • We are trained to be prepared for any call at any time and make decisions in a split second
  • Our motto: "Seconds save lives!"


Community Impact:

When lives are on the line, when all else fails, our community calls the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP). As our Emergency Responders dive into dangerous situations they rely on PSAP as a lifeline, and source of vital information. PSAP isn't simply a highly trained call center, they direct emergency services around the county, seamlessly handling multiple agencies, radio channels, and phone lines gathering and disseminating critical information in times of crisis.