“A cooperative coalition of youth and adult mentors working to

enhance the lives of Grand Forks Youth.”


Understanding the importance of a focus on youth and the need of the youth input in our community, the Mayor’s Cabinet on Young People established in 2007 the Grand Forks Youth Commission. 


The Youth Mission exits to identify, promote, improve, increase and provide services and programs for young people in Grand Forks.  The Youth Commission is a group of 24 young people   between the ages of 14 and 18 years of age, who advise the Mayor’s Cabinet on Young People and advocate to the community on behalf of youth. The Youth Commission is a diverse group of youth representing many perspectives, ages and backgrounds.


Our goal is to improve Grand Forks by integrating youth voices into local policymaking for the City.  The Youth Commission is an important way for youth to be actively involved in the decisions of community entities that affect youth.  We research youth issues and concerns, relate our discoveries, ideas, and opinions to local policy makers, and engage the community through events like “Support Our Troops”.


Youth Commissioners develop leadership skills, encourage other young people to get involved, and voice the concerns and needs of our young people.