Mayor Michael R. Brown of Grand Forks delivered his 2018 State of the City address to a sold out crowd of over 600 people at the Alerus Center Wednesday, February 14.

With a theme of "I Love Grand Forks" - coinciding with Valentine's Day - Mayor Brown declared the State of the City is "ever stronger" and emphasized the opportunities ahead, particularly as the community acts to "lead locally"

"While we have good partners at the state and federal levels" Brown said, "this is the time we must lead locally. . . public sector, private sector, academia, non-profits, faith based and individual are all synchronized and coordinated to grow local opportunity and prosperity."

Brown spoke on the major themes of the City's role to "Protect, Serve, Support and Inspire" expressing gratitude for the City departments working smartly and efficiently to protect and serve the residents while supporting community partners and serving to inspire community members to invest their energy and passion into the community.

This is the 16th annual State of the City address given by Mayor Brown in partnership with the Chamber of Grand Forks and East Grand Forks.