Here are some of the Intervention/Treatment Themes we've heard to help guide the Intervention/Treatment Action Group:

•Services provided are good but need more
•Greater capacity needed, particularly more 24/7
access, more immediate access, train more providers
•More general awareness on where to go
•More residential/in-patient facilities
•More effective (& cost effective) alternatives to intervening by PD and ER
•Lack of Best Practice approaches like Medication Assisted Treatment
•Reduce and control the number of prescribed pain meds with various approaches including time limits, contract and monitoring
•Continue and increase promotion of drug take back programs and instruction on accountability and security of prescribed drugs in the home
•Need for strong enforcement and stiff penalties for drug suppliers
•Need to provide sentencing options for addicted to include treatment as opposed to jail
•Access and proper use of Naloxone, including responders carrying and users being aware of availability
•We have amnesty laws for those who act to save life.   


If you're willing, please share your contact information to help change the face of addiction in our region.


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