Here are some of the Prevention Themes we've heard to help guide the Prevention Action Group:

•Community is good at promoting positive health and offering prevention in schools (Olweus, Character Ed., SRO’s, Faded Forum, etc.)
•More prevention needed but also raise awareness of existing efforts
•Can do better at understanding the full impact of mental health on the community and reducing the stigma of addiction
•Hurdles to prevention are time, money and resources; awareness, addiction services and pooling resources
•Some question as to what is the community’s responsibility versus the individual’s
•Some barriers to education include getting youth attention, getting parent’s attention, and finding the right message
•What are the right ways to engage? (public presentations, social media, flyers, etc.?)
•Other barriers include denial of “won’t happen to my family”. Many felt it won’t happen to them, to their family or to their friends
•Still another barrier are Grand Forks social norms, esp. alcohol
•More awareness is needed about how Mental Health issues relate to addiction, particularly in children and specifically related to trauma

If you're willing, please share your contact information to help change the face of addiction in our region.

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