Here are some of the Recovery/Support Themes we've heard to help guide the Recovery/Support Action Group:

•AA and faith-based organizations are critical systems for long-term recovery
•Housing for families is a need in terms of recovery
•More community collaboration with faith-based organizations
•Addressing the mental illness and trauma aspect in children
•Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) like Minot and Fargo
•Peer-to-peer alternatives to AA for those recovering from drug use
•Support for Parents specifically, including developing network/group
•Community could be more supportive by viewing those in recovery as sick people, not bad people
•A great need to understand addiction better – if death was a deterrent we wouldn’t have a problem but addiction doesn’t work that way
•There is a tremendous willingness for individuals to provide volunteer time, expertise and other resources to be a part of a community-wide effort

If you're willing, please share your contact information to help change the face of addiction in our region.

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