911 Authority Board


1. Establishment

The City of Grand Forks, the County of Grand Forks and the University of North Dakota through a Joint Powers Agreement establish one Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) in order to provide the most efficient and effective delivery of the public safety and emergency services.

2. Membership

The Authority shall consist of the following six (6) members;
  1. A member of the Grand Forks City Council, to be appointed by the Mayor.
  2. A citizen of the City of Grand Forks, to be appointed by the Mayor.
  3. A member of the Grand Forks County Commission, to be appointed by the Commission Chairperson.
  4. A citizen of Grand Forks County, to be appointed by the Grand Forks County Commission Chairperson.
  5. A representative of UND, to be appointed by the President of the University.
  6. The Chairperson of the 911 Users Group Board.

3. Responsibilities, Powers and Duties To adopt bylaws and procedural rules.

  1. To employ and directly supervise a 911 Coordinator/PSAP Director, who shall manage and exercise operational control over the PSAP.
  2. To exercise administrative approval and oversight of the annual PSAP budget as developed and submitted by the Director.
  3. To execute and to exercise administrative oversight over any and all contracts or agreements necessary in order to operate, equip, or manage the PSAP, subject to the applicable city of Grand Forks administrative regulations and to the limits of the annual appropriations approved by the Parties.
  4. To exercise administrative approval and oversight over the Capital Improvements Program (CIP) developed and submitted by the Director.
  5. To stimulate and encourage long-range planning in order to provide an effective, efficient and responsive public safety communications systems and PSAP.
  6. Such other responsibilities, powers and duties as may be appropriate and necessary in order to address the public safety communications needs of the public and the Parties.

4. Members

Each member shall serve until a successor is appointed

  • Terry Bjerke
    Grand Forks City Council representative appointed by City Council

  • Cynthia Pic
    Grand Forks County Commission Representative appointed by Commission

  • Harold Rohde
    Citizen of Grand Forks appointed by Grand Forks County Commission

  • Duane Czapiewski
    Representative of UND appointed by the President of the University

  • Mike Kirby - Chair
    Designee of GF Chief of Police
    Member from an Operational Department of the City of Grand Forks
    GF Police Department appointed by the Mayor

  • Jon Simundson
    GF County Sheriff's Office representative


PSAP,  746-2542

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