Emergency Management Board


1. Establishment

The City of Grand Forks and the County of Grand Forks through a Joint Powers Agreement establish a combined emergency management agency.

2. Administration

The agency shall be managed by a board to be known as the Emergency Management Board. The Board shall consist of: a member of the County Commission, appointed by the County Commission; a member of the City Council, appointed by the City Council, and a representative of the public, whose appointment shall be jointly concurred with by the County Commission and the City Council.

3. Powers and Duties

  • To plan for and implement the establishment of the agency;

  • To plan for and implement the emergency management systems, including emergency mitigation, preparation, response and recovery functions and activities for all emergencies and disasters, whether natural or man-made;

  • To develop a plan for the administration and management of the Emergency Management Agency;

  • To establish and develop policies governing day to day operations of the agency;

  • To prepare an annual budget for approval by the City and County;

  • To employ an Emergency Manager and staff necessary to operate or manage the agency, subject to the limits of annual appropriations and authority approved by the City and County;

  • To enter into contracts for the purchase, lease and sale of equipment and/or services necessary to carry out its powers and duties, subject to the limits of annual appropriations and authority as approved by the City and County;

  • To plan for future needs of the City and County in relation to emergency services and Emergency Management and make appropriate recommendations to the City and County;

  • To assure that emergency operational plans are developed to effectively serve the citizens within the agency’s jurisdiction;

  • To submit an annual report of all functions, activities, and recommendations for consideration by the City and County;

  • To prepare and submit such grant applications for local, state, federal or other funding which may be available for the administration, operation and management of the Emergency Management program;
    Such other powers and duties as may be assigned from time to time by the City and County.

4. Members

  • Ken Vein
    Grand Forks City Council Representative

  • Gary Malm
    Grand Forks County Commission Representative

  • Joe Simon
    Representative of the Public

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