Proposed bocce ball courts & horseshoe pits

The Greenway Technical Committee is considering the addition of two bocce ball courts and two horseshoe pits in the Greenway. The proposed location for these recreational features is at the 7th Avenue North entrance in Grand Forks, riverward of the flood protection system.


Click here for a map of the proposed project.


Results of April 2013 public survey.


April 9, 2013 update: the staff of the Greenway Technical Committee would like to install temporary bocce ball courts for the summer. Use would be monitored throughout the season for usage. This request will be brought to a Service/Safety Committee meeting this spring.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the request being considered?

The request is for the addition of two non-league bocce ball courts and two non-league horseshoe pits for leisure recreation constructed on the Greenway near the 7th Avenue North entrance to the Greenway.


Who submitted this request?

The Near North Neighborhood (NNN) Association. The NNN Association is a group of neighbors who meet regularly to discuss, plan, and implement various projects to maintain and improve the NNN. 


What will the area look like with the addition of these two facilities?

A concept map of the area is available by clicking here. This map also shows the potential for developing a natural play area along the slope near the 7th Avenue North entrance.


How would this project be funded?

A small budget is set aside annually to fund small capital requests. This project could be built using these funds.


Are there other location options for this project?

The Greenway is over 2,200 acres in size with four developed parks along the system. Locating this project within one of these parks is a also a possibility.


The proposed location seems very close to the trail. Is that a danger to trail users?

The distance between the trail and the courts is approximately 15 - 20'. The chance of a trail user being hit by a wayward bocce ball or horseshoe is minimal.