Greenway Management

Four agencies are involved in management of the Greenway:

The City of Grand Forks owns all the land on the Grand Forks, ND side of the Greenway. The Grand Forks Park District manages four of these areas, which consist of the larger recreational areas in the project. These areas are Riverside, Kannowski and Lincoln Drive Park as well as Lincoln Drive Golf Course. The City of Grand Forks manages and maintains all other areas on the North Dakota side.

The City of East Grand Forks owns and manages 200 acres in the downtown area, on the Minnesota side. The Department of Natural Resources owns and manages the State Recreation Area, which encompasses approximately 1,200 acres within the limits of the city of East Grand Forks.

For information concerning funding and additional information on management, please consult the following documents:

  1. Greenway Ordinances adopted by Grand Forks City Council November 2006 *Please note: Greenway users are subject to ALL city ordinances.  The Greenway ordinances are additional ordinances specific to the Greenway.
  2. Greenway Rules & Regulations as adopted by East Grand Forks City Council March 2005
  3. Supplement to the original Greenway Plan Spring 2012:



  4. Grand Forks/East Grand Forks Design Palette
  5. Grand Forks Vegetation Management Policy
  6. Grand Forks Vegetation Management Update Presentation 2013
  7. Special projects request forms WORD FORMAT PDF FORMAT