Got an idea of an addition to the Greenway? Maybe an improvement or an unmet need?

The Greenway is a work in progress. Although construction of the original project was completed in 2008, the Greenway continues to evolve as recreation and visitor demand evolves.

Each year we receive many requests for new facilities or improvements to existing facilities.  Many factors go into the decision making process, first and foremost being the role as a floodplain.

Once you have submitted a completed form, you may be asked to present an overview of your project idea to the Greenway Technical Committee for consideration.  The Greenway Technical Committee is comprised of representatives of the four managing agencies as well as other parties interested in the development of the Greenway.   Meetings are held at 10:30 am on the second Tuesday of every month.  After reviewing the request the committee will determine whether the project is feasible within the Greenway and if so, which agency will handle the request.  That agency will then guide the request through the proper channels of their organization. 

Greenway Special Projects application Microsoft Word format

Greenway Special Projects application PDF format