Proposal for temporary boat house along river

Congratulations to Ground Up Adventures! On July 1, 2013 the GF City Council approved the installation of a temporary facility to provide canoe and paddle board rentals along the river in downtown GF. Staff is now working with Ground Up Adventures to work out the site details.

Link to July 1, 2013 council meeting minutes

For more detailed information, visit the Greenway Technical Committee meeting notes.


April 2011: Ground Up Adventures submitted a request to build a boathouse at the boat landing on the Red Lake River, near the Louis Murray Bridge. This boathouse would provide storage for canoes and kayaks for use on the river and would be staffed by Ground Up Adventures.  Ground Up Adventures would also like to offer water safety courses on the river as part of the facility. 

May 2011: The staff of the Greenway Technical Committee supported this idea. Ground Up Adventures contacted a staff person in EGF to work this proposal through the City Council process for consideration.

9/19/12: Ground Up Adventures held a public meeting to discuss the boat house progress to date and future plans. (Support document Boat house propasl [sic] {version 2}). That group decided to support placement of a boathouse on the wet side of the flood protection system, near the flood wall entrance north of DeMers Avenue in downtown GF.

10/9/12: Greenway Technical Committee staff mtg: Representative from Ground Up Adventures was unavailable to attend meeting and present an update to the committee. The invitation will be extended for the November meeting.

12/11/12 Greenway Technical Committee staff mtg: The proposed location has changed to the lower parking lot north of DeMers Avenue. Staff will continue to work with Andy to guide him through the approval process. The financial and management arrangements are still items for discussion with the City and GF Park District. Andy has met with GF Park District staff and some members of the GF City Council. He will be meeting soon with the GF Fire Chief to address water safety issues.

July 2013: GF City Council approves an agreement with Ground Up Adventures for the installation of a portable boat house facility.