Proposal for disc golf course in Riverside Park

This request was approved at the April 23 Service/Safety Committee. The GF Disc Golf Association is working on the course alignment.

Link to the April 23, 2013 Service/Safety Committee meeting minutes

For more detailed information, visit the Greenway Technical Committee meeting notes.

September 2011: A request is submitted to the Greenway Technical Committee to consider the addition of a disc golf course in Riverside Park.

10/11/11: The Greenway Technical Committee reviewed the proposal. A meeting with the author of the request and a representative of the local disc golf association to determine whether a new course is needed and if so, how the course would be designed.

11/15/11: A meeting with held with the proposal author, disc golf association representative, park district, and city staff to discuss flooding, maintenance, feasibility and design. 

4/10/12: Service/Safety approves request. (#8 on agenda).

8/22/12: City staff met with a disc golf association representative at the site to review proposed placement of tees and baskets. Several holes were placed outside the approved area.

9/12/12: Greenway Technical Committee staff meeting: Committee requested that the disc golf association be given the option to either change the placement of the tees and baskets to remain inside the approved area or resubmit an application requesting for the area to be altered. The committee believes that because the original course was provided to the public and council for approval, any change to the area of the course would require bringing the request back through these same channels. The committee was also concerned about disc golf dominating another Greenway park. A memo has been sent to the disc golf association regarding this decision.

10/09/12: Greenway Technical Committee staff meeting: Staff has not been contacted to review a new course layout. Staff will make contact with association to schedule a meeting and review.

3/12/13: Greenway Technical Committee meeting: Request for expansion of original approved area is on the agenda for consideration.

August 2013: Course is installed.