Proposed expansion to disc golf course in Riverside Park

The Greenway Technical Committee is considering a proposed change to an area already approved for a disc golf course in Riverside Park.


Click here for a map of the proposed project.

Staff report for April 23, 2013 Service/Safety Committee meeting.

Results of April 2013 public survey. History of this request.


April 9, 2013 update: the staff of the Greenway Technical Committee recommends approving this request. This request will be brought to a Service/Safety Committee meeting this spring.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the request being considered?

The request is for the expansion of the approved disc golf course area in Riverside Park on the Grand Forks side of the Greenway.


Why is this request being made?

The original course area makes it difficult to maneuver a turn on the far west end of the course. The course planners would also like to add holes closer to the tree line along the river to add interest to the course.


Where is the expanded course area located?

A map of the original and proposed expansion areas is available by clicking here.


Who submitted this request?

The original request was submitted by a disc golf player. The Greenway Technical Committee has been working with the GF Disc Golf Association to design a course based on the original request.


How would this project be funded?

The GF Disc Golf Association has some baskets available for placement in the course. They are also prepared to pursue sponsorship opportunities with local businesses.


How does this affect cross-country skiing and snowmobiling in the winter?
Baskets would be removed in the fall to avoid user conflict and to prevent possible damage from spring flooding.