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Did you hear about a proposed project and wondered about its status? Need more information about a Greenway project? Look no further because we've got you covered.


Boathouse along the river


Have an idea that you think would improve the Greenway experience? There are several ways to submit your ideas and suggestions for Greenway improvements:


* The Special Projects request form (Word format - PDF format) gives citizens the opportunity to submit an idea for an addition or improvement to the Greenway. A completed request form is reviewed by the staff of the Greenway Technical Committee to determine its feasibility within the Greenway. If the request is approved for further evaluation, a member of the committee will guide the request through the proper channels of their organization. If the request is not feasible within the Greenway but fits better in a different area of the community, the citizen is directed to the appropriate community contact.


* Email or phone:

City of Grand Forks




City of East Grand Forks




GF Park District




Minnesota Department of Natural Resources