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The results of the 2013 Greater Grand Forks trail count are now available!  This project was sponsored by the Greenway & Trail Users Advisory Group as a method for gathering demographics and trends for local trail use.


Results of the survey are similar to the findings of a survey conducted in 2011.  Forty six percent of the trail users were between the ages of 19 and 40. The 41 to 60 year old users showed the second highest usage at twenty two percent. These numbers are comparable to the 2011 trail count when these age groups showed a usage rate of fifty-four and nineteen percent, respectively.


Bicycling continues to be the most popular form of trail activity, with a fifty-eight percent participation rate. Walking was a distant second with a twenty five percent participation rate. Running, inline skating, and other activities accounted for the remaining seventeen percent.


Volunteers collected data during a three-day period in June. The information gathered included gender, activity, estimated age, and helmet use of trail users passing checkpoints. Results from this project will be used to support future grant funding applications, charting treads in trail recreation, and developing future marketing plans.