Greenway Tree Planting Program

Plant a tree in honor of a loved one or to commemorate a special event and help keep the Greenway green at the same time!

The Greenway Tree Planting Program is an opportunity to purchase a living, growing memorial for a loved one or special occasion. Through this program donations of a shrub or tree can be made for planting in the greenway.

Interested in learning more about this program? You can contact us at 701-738-8746 or greenway@grandforksgov.com and we would be happy to work with you to plant a living memorial on your behalf.

Greenway Tree Planting Program brochure

Tree Planting Programming FAQ

How can I purchase a tree for planting? You can contact Greenway staff or work directly with any of the local nurseries to purchase and arrange for the planting of a tree from the list of approved species (see back panel).


The tree stock and nursery you chose must meet the standards of the American Association of Nurserymen Standards.  All tree species and locations must be reviewed and approved by the City of Grand Forks Greenway staff or representative.


How much will the tree cost? Trees vary in cost, depending on species, size, and any planting expenses. Remember that the Greenway floods often and sturdy trees have a better rate of survival.


What if the tree is not on the approved species list?  Any species that is not on the approved species list must be approved in writing by the City of Grand Forks Greenway staff or representative before purchasing and planting. 


May I transplant a tree from a private or commercial property?  Possibly.  The donated tree must meet the standards of the American Association of Nurserymen Standards and fit comfortably in the proposed location.  All costs related with the relocation of a tree are the responsibility of the donor.


Where will the planting be located?  The Greenway staff will work with donors to find the perfect location for the planting.


Who will care for the tree or shrub after it is planted?  The tree will become property of the City of Grand Forks and maintained by the Greenway staff. 


What if the tree becomes diseased or dies? Damaged or diseased will be removed and will not be replaced if deemed appropriate by the City of Grand Forks Greenway staff or representative.  Relocation of a tree may be necessary if it interferes with future development of the Greenway. 


Will I be able to have a plaque noting the donation near the tree?  We do not offer the opportunity to place a plaque or other type of recognition near the donated tree. Exceptions to this would be large scale plantings (100 or more) planted as part of a restoration project.