Emergency Information


Grand Forks Sirens will perform practice drills every first Wednesday of the month. These tests will occur at 1:00 p.m.

There are 4 reasons the sirens may be sounded aside from practice drills:
  1. A tornado warning has been issued in Grand Forks (or the surrounding area) by the National Weather Service.
  2. A funnel cloud has been spotted near the city of Grand Forks.
  3. A "wall cloud", which can produce a tornado, is near or moving toward Grand Forks.
  4. Straight-line winds have been clocked in excess of 58 mph in the Grand Forks area.

The sirens that sound are the same - there is not a different sounding siren for different warnings. When the sirens sound, they are for real emergencies - and they are designed to warn people who are outdoors to seek immediate shelter. They are NOT designed to warn people who are indoors.

If the sirens do sound, please DO NOT call the Grand Forks 9-1-1 center to ask what's going on. Tune to Channel 19 on your Midcontinent Cable TV system - it is linked directly to the Emergency Alert System (EAS) - and you will be given any additional instructions that might be needed.

The following facilities are open to the public during severe weather watches and warnings:

UND - Selke Hall
University Ave. and Stanford Rd.
Lower Level
Shelter Open May 19 - August 2

The following links contain more emergency information about tornados.




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