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Grand Forks Events Center Commission-Special Commission Meeting- Turf Replacement Conference Call


Special Commission Meeting- Turf Replacement Project

Grand Forks Events Center Commission


Monday, August 5th, 2019 | 7:30AM

Conference Call




Bill Chaves



Hal Gershman



Jay Kleven



Curt Kreun



Pat McLean



Matt Walkowiak



Ken Vein



Clare Albrecht



Julie Rygg












  1. Call to Order


  2. Roll Call


  3. Phase 1 of the Turf Replacement Project Review


  4. Other


  5. Adjournment

 Conference Line:

 Call in number 1-224-225-1234
Conference ID 58201


Alerus Center Mission Statement

The mission of the Alerus Center is to provide premier entertainment and events that

stimulate economic impact and improve the quality of life for Grand Forks area citizens.