Grand Forks Growth Fund - A Jobs Development Authority

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The Grand Forks Growth Fund, established in 1987, is the City's Primary economic development financing program.  It has been managed since 1995 by the Growth Fund, a Jobs Development Authority with advice from the Growth Fund Committee.  

The Grand Forks Growth Fund, a Jobs Development Authority (JDA), through direct and indirect actions, will encourage the creation of new jobs, enhance the economic climate, save existing jobs, create new wealth, enhance the local property tax base, encourage capital investment, improve the quality of life, enhance tourism and local events, promote public, private, or public/private enterprises or partnerships, and diversify the local economy.

The Growth Fund JDA takes final action on recommendations provided by the Growth Fund Committee, a subcommittee to the JDA.


The powers and responsibilities of the authority shall be vested in a board of directors consisting of all members of the Grand Forks City Council and the mayor for the City of Grand Forks.



Meredith Richards   Email
Planning & Community Development Department -  701-746-2661

Grand Forks Events Center Commission - Finance & Renovation Committee

  • Date: 07/08/2020 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Finance/Renovation Committee
of the Grand Forks Events Center Commission
Virtual meeting via Zoom

Wednesday, July 8th
Meeting Room 12/Zoom Call

Members of the Grand Forks Events Center Commission may be attending this meeting in person, electronically or telephonically. All in person participation will be conducted in accordance with COVID-19 precautions including social distancing modifications as recommended by the CDC, the North Dakota Department of Health and/or the Grand Forks Public Health Department. (Limited space is available for public attendance.)

Members of the public wishing to view the live meeting of the Grand Forks Event Center Commission should contact Cole Johnson at (701) 792-1200 or by email at prior to 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, July 7th, 2020 for further information.


Committee Members:     _____Curt Kreun     _____Pat McLean     _____Ken Vein     _____Jay Kleven     _____Matt Walkowiak


1) Call to Order

2) Roll Call

3) Approval of the June 10th, 2020 Minutes

4) Capital Review

     a. HVAC Study

5) Turf Phase II

6) Insurance Recommendations

7) UND Usage Agreement Negotiations

8) Other

9) Adjournment

Note:     Members of the Alerus Center Commission may participate in the Committee meeting and any possible executive session which may constitute a quorum of the Commission as well as the Committee.

Alerus Center Mission Statement
The mission of the Alerus Center is to provide premier entertainment and events that
stimulate economic impact and improve the quality of life for Grand Forks area citizens.

Upcoming Meeting Dates

August 12th   September 9th   October 14th

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