On the heels of a Parks & Open Space planning process and the Mayor’s Vibrancy Initiative, in Spring 2018 the City hired a consultant team led by RDG Planning & Design to assist in the creation of a Downtown Action Plan (DAP).  The goal of the plan is to lay out clear action steps and concepts to implement the vision created through the Vibrancy Initiative and to help coordinate future public and private investment downtown.  The DAP will focus on 4 main areas: Streetscape, Wayfinding, Parks & Open Space/Town Square, and Development & Design Strategies.

Over the coming months, staff will work with RDG and other partners through the downtown planning process.  Public input is a critical piece of creating a plan that is customized to work for the Grand Forks community.  A visual listening survey launched at the start of the process gathered feedback from over 600 people!  There will be several future opportunities to get involved as the process moves along.

For more information and for project updates, please check out celebrategrandforks.com.