Economic Development

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Economic development is a key area of focus of the Community Development Department.  From vibrancy initiatives, to downtown planning, to the management of financing and incentive programs, the Department works in a variety of ways to promote the economic well-being of the Grand Forks Community.  Some of the major programs and initiatives through which that aim is pursued are explained further below.

Grand Forks Growth Fund

The Grand Forks Growth Fund, a Jobs Development Authority (JDA) is the primary economic development funding program for the City of Grand Forks.  The Growth Fund is funded from a variety of sources, including a portion of local sales tax, loan and lease repayments, bonding, and federal funding sources.  Community Development Department personnel directly staff the Growth Fund and handle the administration of its various programs, in collaboration with the Grand Forks Region Economic Development Corporation.  The Growth Fund oversees a diverse portfolio of economic development programs, including:

  • PACE/FlexPACE Interest Buydown Loans
  • Start-Up Grand Forks Loans
  • Real Estate Leases & Sales

Please contact Brandon Baumbach at the Grand Forks Region EDC for further program information.  

CLICK HERE to view the Growth Fund's Policies & Procedures.  

CLICK HERE to view to Growth Fund's latest Annual Report.