Storm Clean Up Update:

Crews will be picking up tree debris on the berm through this week, then make a determination on what to do in the future.  For more info CLICK HERE.


 Here are a few easy steps to start your emergency communication plan

Sign up for codeRed Alerts to get local weather and emergency notifications. To learn more about alerts go to

Discuss family/household plans for disasters that may affect your area and plan where to go. Plan together in advance so everyone in your household understands where to go during different types of disasters like tornadoes, wildfire, or other civil emergencies.

Collect information. Have both physical and digital copies of important documents. drivers license, passports, important contacts, the deed to your home, banking information, and personal medical information are all things to consider.

Practice your plan. Have regular household meetings to review your emergency plans, communication plans and meeting place after a disaster, and then practice, just like you would a fire drill.