COVID-19 Response

The City of Grand Forks is actively responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.  For up to date info from the City regarding COVID-19 visit our COVID-19 City Updates page.  For those looking for assistance in this difficult time visit our COVID-19 Resources page.  City offices are closed to the public but open for business.  Find out more at our Virtual City Hall.

What is the EOC?

The Grand Forks Emergency Operations Center (EOC) activates during times of disaster or emergency. It serves as the hub for city and county agencies and their partners to support other local governments and coordinate response efforts. Having an efficient and effective facility is key to successful emergency and disaster response.


When an emergency occurs, each county agency carries out its responsibilities independent of other agencies. The activities of county agencies must be closely coordinated if the county is to respond effectively. The purpose of the Grand Forks Emergency Operations Center is to facilitate that coordination.

Activation Levels

The level of the city and/or county’s response is based upon the scope and magnitude of the incident. This is identified through the use of three EOC Activation Levels that are aligned with the State EOC. The three EOC Activation Levels are as follows:


Level 3 – Continuous Monitoring: Routine monitoring of city and county by the Emergency Management Office 7 days/week. No staffing of the EOC.


Level 2 – Partial Activation: Activation of appropriate agencies or ICS sections to closely monitor a developing situation or an incident with limited impact. Actions may include preparing to or providing any necessary assistance as allowed by municipal ordinance and North Dakota Century Code and/or declaration of local emergency. Identified city and county agency partners will support EOC operations either in person or remotely through the Veoci Incident Management System. All incident specific information will be routed directly to the EOC by PSAP.


Level 1 – Full Activation: Initiated by a Presidential Disaster Declaration for Grand Forks County, North Dakota and includes full state and federal Emergency Support Functions (ESF) support. All city and county agency partners, voluntary organizations, and state representation will staff in the EOC.



When the county emergency operations center is activated, a joint public information center (JIC) is established. All official news about any city or county agency response will be generated from the JIC. The JIC will also conduct news conferences, when needed, from the Grand Forks Police Department media briefing room. 

Reporters can contact the lead public information officer or the county JIC by phone or e-mail during activations. Their contact info will be published at that time.