Storm Clean Up Update:

Crews will be picking up tree debris on the berm through this week, then make a determination on what to do in the future.  For more info CLICK HERE.

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Mission Statement

To  provide efficient and effective management of the public infrastructure in a manner that promotes the health and safety of people within the community.

Bartholomew, BrandenROW Officer/Dev SpecialistEngineering
Danielson, ChristianCivil EngineerEngineering
Duchscher, ShaneCivil EngineerEngineering
Grasser, AllenCity EngineerEngineering
Holweger, JoelCADD/GIS SpecialistEngineering
Hylen, AlexCivil Engineering TechnicianEngineering
Kuharenko, DavidCivil Engineer PrincipalEngineering
Maguire, MattCivil Engineering TechnicianEngineering
Olson, JonathanCivil EngineerEngineering
Oster, BrittanySWPPP/FOG Inspector (Located at Public Works)Engineering, Inspections
Richter, JimCivil Engineering Specialist (Surveyor)Engineering
Suedel, TravisCivil Engineering TechnicianEngineering
Walker, MarkAssistant City EngineerEngineering
Williams, JaneCivil Engineer Principal (Traffic Engineer)Engineering
Woodstrom, TammyAdministrative Specialist Sr.Engineering
Yavarow, MikeCivil Engineer PrincipalEngineering
Engen, ChrisElectrical TechnicianEngineering
Hanson, RickElectrical Division ManagerEngineering
Klegstad, GaryElectronics TechnicianEngineering
Payne, JeffElectrical TechnicianEngineering
Reineke, NickElectricianEngineering
Thielman, KevinMaster ElectricianEngineering