Library Area Mill & Overlay

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Project Overview:

This resurfacing project will consist of a Mill & Overlay on S. 19th St., Drees Dr., 20th Ave. S., 21st Ave. S., 22nd Ave. S., S. Library Circle, Library Lane and Library Circle.

These streets were constructed during the mid-1960s to the late-1960s. Original plan documents are limited in details as to what pavement sections were originally installed.  Records indicate an asphalt rehabilitation project took place in 1982 on 20th Ave. S., 21st Ave. S., 22nd Ave. S., and Library Ln.  Another rehabilitation project was completed in 2002 on S. Library Cir., Library Cir. and part of 20th Ave. S. east of S. 17th St.

As this is a reconstruction project, it will be paid 80% by the City with the remaining 20% being special assessed to the benefiting properties.

Estimated Project Cost:


Special Assessment District:

 Mill & Overlay 19th, Drees, 20th, 21st, 22nd, Library