The highest priority of the City of Grand Forks Engineering Department is public safety. We are proud to provide the citizens of Grand Forks with engineering practices that make our city a safer place to live and work.

Traffic Engineering continually investigates requests, suggestions and complaints for traffic control devices. If you have questions you may contact our Traffic Engineer by email at or call and leave a message at 701-787-3720. We value your input and appreciate the time that you take to report concerns or issues. 

New Technology

Many of the intersections in Grand Forks have cameras mounted on street light mast arms or signal mast arms.

signal camera

These cameras are used only for the detection of traffic. The  cameras do not record anything at the intersections. they give a "real-time" image to the traffic signal controller (the computer at the intersection) based on movement. The controller then knows where the traffic is and where to give a green light. Depending on the timing program the controller determines which direction gets a green light and for how long. These cameras are also used to count traffic.

The image below is a typical image from a detection camera. The electrician or engineer can generally see the number of vehicles and lanes the vehicles are in. The camera is only aimed at the street and they do not track vehicles, license plate numbers or drivers. The camera has low quality imagery and is not able to do this.

signal view