Speed Limit Signs

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Speed Limits

Citizens frequently request lower speed limits on residential streets where children play.  Grand Forks law states that the unposted speed limit on a residential street is 25 mph and this limit can be enforced without signs.

  The City of Grand Forks has posted 25 mph limits on many residential streets to enhance neighborhood safety and promote traffic calming. The City cannot post lower speed limits in areas other than school zones. 

Unnecessary signs confuse and annoy drivers and foster disrespect for all signs, but signs in accordance with the MUTCD (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices) can and should be posted for school zones and pedestrian crossings as well as playgrounds and other recreational areas where a need exists.

 Most importantly, parents should teach children the dangers of playing in or near roadways and strongly discourage them from doing so. The City provides neighborhood parks where children can play safely with proper supervision. Safe playgrounds are also provided at many elementary school sites.