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Business and Apartment Self-Inspection Program

The Grand Forks Fire Department has instituted a Self-Fire Inspection Program.  Due to the pandemic affecting our community, the department is unable to inspect every business or apartment building as frequently as we would like. Continuing the efforts to keep the community safe, the department is concerned that not conducting life safety fire inspections may impact fire safety and allow code violations to go unnoticed. With this in mind, the department will begin using self-inspection process to reduce the need for the fire department to conduct formal inspections in lower risk occupancies.

The Grand Forks Fire Prevention Bureau’s new self-fire inspection program is designed for light hazard commercial occupancies that do not have a high occupant load, have a high level of risk, or have had minimal fire code violations in the past several years. These occupancies may include: small business or professional offices, retail shops, and personal service shops (barber, beauty shops), and apartment buildings.

The self-inspection checklist is designed to serve as a guide for business,building owners, renters/tenants, and property managers responsible for preparing the building for inspection and code compliance. Please remember, this is only a guide and some of the requirements apply to only specific occupancy types.

The self-inspection program is a simple concept.  A self-fire Inspection checklist is obtainable on the fire departments website or can be sent to your business upon request.  Please complete the checklist and the emergency contact form and return via e-mail to within 14 days.  If we don’t receive the completed forms, your businesses or apartment building will be placed on the inspection list and a fire code official will conduct a physical inspection.

The self-inspection program is not mandatory.  All businesses and apartments will be given the opportunity to request an on-site inspection if they choose not to participate.

Thank you in advance for being a partner in fire prevention.

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Brian Geatz
Fire Marshal
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Rodney Freitag
Fire Marshal
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Fire Marshal 


         Apartment Self inspection form                 Business Self inspection form

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