Job Descriptions

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Administrative Series Fire Chief
City Administration Fire Marshal
City Administrator Firefighter
Community-Governmental Relations Officer Firefighter, Senior
Finance & Accounting
Accountant Law Enforcement
Accountant, Senior Community Service Officer
Accounting Specialist Corporal
Accounting Specialist, Senior Deputy Chief of Police
Accounting Technician Police Chief
Accounting Technician, Senior Police Lieutenant
Assistant Finance Director Police Officer
Budget Officer Police Sergeant
Finance Director Law Enforcement Support
Grant Accountant, Senior Evidence & Property Coordinator
Special Assessments Coordinator Police Records Specialist
General Maintenance Police Records Supervisor
Building Maintenance Worker Public Works
Building Maintenance Worker, Lead Electrical Services
Custodian Electrical Division Manager
Human Resources Electrical Technician
Compensation & Benefits Administrator Electrician
HR Generalist Electronics Technician
HR Generalist, Senior Master Electrician
HR Specialist Engineering
HR Technician Assistant City Engineer
Human Resources Director CADD-GIS Specialist
Information Technology City Engineer
GIS Administrator Civil Engineer, Principal
Information Technology Director Civil Engineer, Senior
IT Coordinator Civil Engineer
IT Specialist Civil Engineer Specialist
IT Technician Civil Engineer Technician
Land Records Technician Right of Way Officer
Network Administrator SWPP-FOG Inspector
Programmer Analyst Equipment Operations
  Equipment Operator
Programmer Analyst, Senior Heavy Equipment Operator
Office & Administrative Services Equipment Operator, Senior
Administrative Specialist Equipment Operator, Lead
Administrative Specialist, Senior Signs & Marking Specialist 
City Clerk Fleet Maintenance 
Clerk of Court Fleet Maintenance Mechanic
Deputy Clerk of Court Fleet Maintenance Mechanic, Senior
Office Specialist Fleet Maintenance Mechanic, Lead 
Office Specialist, Senior Fleet Maintenance Technician 
Public Information Public Works Administration 
Communications Specialist Public Works Operations Director
Economic & Community Development  Public Works Operations Supervisor
Assessment Public Works Services Coordinator
Assessing Specialist Street Maintenance
City Assessor Parking Compliance Attendant
Deputy City Assessor Transportation
Real Estate Appraiser Bus Operator
Real Estate Appraiser, Senior Bus Operator, Senior 
Building & Zoning  Marketing Specialist
Building & Zoning Administrator Mobility Manager 
Building Inspector Public Work Transit Division Director 
Building Inspector, Senior Transportation Dispatcher, Senior
Building Trades Inspector Transportation Dispatcher 
Construction Inspector Transportation Supervisor 
Permit Tech
Permit Tech, Senior Wastewater Treatment
Planning Group Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator
City Planner Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator, Senior
Community Development Director Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator, Lead
Construction Compliance Officer Wastewater Treatment Plant Supervisor
Deputy City Planner Wastewater-Stormwater Systems 
Planner Stormwater Collections Supervisor
Planner, Senior Wastewater Collections Supervisor
Program Compliance Officer Wastewater-Stormwater Service Worker
Public Health Wastewater-Stormwater Service Worker, Senior
Detox Advocate Wastewater-Stormwater Service Worker, Lead
Environmental Health Specialist Water Distribution 
Environmental Health Specialist, Senior Water Distribution Supervisor
Environmental Health Manager Water Utility Worker
Mosquito Control Supervisor Water Utility Worker, Senior
Mosquito Control Manager Water Service Worker, Lead
Nursing & Nutrition Manager Water Treatment Plant 
Public Health Coordinator Water Plant Operator, Lead 
Project Coordinator-Social Detox Water Plant Supervisor
Project Coordinator-Opioid Response Water Utility Worker
Public Health Dietitian Water Utility Worker, Senior 
Public Health Director Process Control Operator
Public Health Nurse Water/Wastewater Compliance 
Public Health Team Leader Greenway Specialist
Regional Emergency Response Coordinator Laboratory Analyst
 Public Safety Series Laboratory Analyst, Senior
 Communications Laboratory Supervisor
911 Dispatcher Trainee
911 Dispatcher   
911 Team Leader   
911 Training Specialist   
911 Center Manager   
PSAP Director   
Fire Operations   
Fire Captain   
Fire Apparatus Specialist   
Fire Battalion Chief