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The Inspections Department reviews plans and performs inspections on all construction done in the City of Grand Forks and its two mile jurisdiction, whether it is new, an addition, alteration, or remodel.

The City inspects everything from a deck being constructed on a single-family home to large multi-million dollar commercial construction projects.  The department handles reviews and inspections including checking the overall building construction, along with mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. The Inspections Department performs rental inspections on all housing units and checks for overall safety and Code compliance.

Building permits and other related construction fees and permits are obtained through the Inspections Department.  Any building and zoning violations are enforced along with assistance given for your property or proposed construction project.  Also, the department executes floodplain management functions such as; flood-proofing & retrofitting assistance, flooding regulations, and flood map determinations.

The Inspections Department was created to protect life and property by ensuring buildings are built and used properly. The department develops, adopts, and enforces the rules and regulations identified in State, National, and Grand Forks City Codes, as they relate to buildings and properties. The department issues, administers, and maintains all building-related permits, certificates, correspondence, and other records for each property in Grand Forks City jurisdiction. Click through our pages to learn more about inspection requirements and what permits we administer.