The following steps must be followed when bringing a manufactured home into a court or moving a home from one site to another:

  1. The manufactured home court will submit a site plan laying out the lot (form found below). This plan must include (at a minimum) the following items:

    • Streets, alleys and sidewalks.
    • Off street parking
    • Home
    • Other structures on the lot (decks, entrances, sheds, fences, garages, etc.)
    • Distances (setbacks) between homes (and all other structures) and from the street
    • Location of all utilities (electronic and gas meters)
    • Location of LP tank (if applicable)
    • Landscaping requirements

  2. Information must be submitted indicating the electrical service requirements of the home and service provided.

  3. Information must be submitted indicating the type of tie down construction.

  4. If the requirements included in steps 1-3 are met to the satisfaction of the Building Inspections Department, a building permit will be issued for a fee of $40.00. The permit fee must be paid at this time. The Building Inspections Department accepts cash or check. There is an additional minimal fee to process credit card

  5. All brand new homes must be installed by a North Dakota State licensed installer.

Permit Fee -- $40.00