COVID-19 Response

The City of Grand Forks is actively responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.  For up to date info from the City regarding COVID-19 visit our COVID-19 City Updates page.  For those looking for assistance in this difficult time visit our COVID-19 Resources page.  City offices are closed to the public but open for business.  Find out more at our Virtual City Hall.

Municipal Court FAQ

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  • How to inquire about a Registered offender?

  • Do you accept credit cards for payment of fines?

  • When is Municipal Court in session?

  • What will my sentence be?

  • Why is there a warrant for my arrest?

  • What if I’m unable to make my payment when required?

  • Can I speak to the Judge by phone?

  • What kind of information can the city prosecutor give me?

  • How do I get a Public Defender / Court Appointed Attorney?

  • Does the Judge in Municipal Court perform weddings?

  • I was charged with a DUI. How do I get a work permit?

  • Who can I talk to about points on my driver’s license or suspension of my driving privileges?

  • I need information about a civil case in Grand Forks County. Where can I get it?