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Formally established in 1880, the Grand Forks Police Department is a modern and progressive police department in all respects. The department employs 90 sworn officers, 15 civilian staff and 20 auxiliary staff. The police department is divided into two divisions (Operations and Administrative) each commanded by a Deputy Chief. 

The Operations Division is commanded by DC Michael Ferguson and includes the Uniform Patrol Bureau, Criminal Investigations Bureau and Specialized Resource Bureau. The Administrative Division is commanded by DC James Remer and includes the Human Resource Bureau, Facilities and Equipment Bureau and Records Administration Bureau. The Office of Professional Standards works directly out of the Chief’s Office.

The department has six bureaus (Uniform Patrol, Criminal Investigations, Specialized Resource, Facilities and Equipment, Human Resources and Records) each commanded by a Lieutenant except for Records.

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Chief Mark Nelson
Office: 701-787-8024
Email: mnelson@grandforksgov.com

DC Michael Ferguson
Office: 701-787-8003
Email: mferguson@grandforksgov.com

DC James Remer
Office: 701-787-8002
Email: jremer@grandforksgov.com