Burglary Prevention

Burglary Prevention Tips

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We have recently had an increase in residential burglaries.  There are a number of things that citizens can do to help prevent this type of crime. 

What can you as a citizen do:

At Home:

  • Lighting
    • Consider motion lighting around your house and garage.
    • Areas will light up as people approach.This will draw attention to a potential intruder.
    • Good lighting will allow neighbors and patrolling police officers to see your property and report/investigate any suspicious activity.
  • Check your locks
    • Deadbolts should extend at least an inch into the door frame.
    • All exterior doors should have deadbolts, including entry doors into a garage.
    • Windows should be closed and locked at night and when no one is at home.Consider locking when people are home as well.
    • Lock your vehicles and any sheds/outbuildings you have.
  • Landscaping
    • Do not let shrubs and trees get overgrown.
    • Shrubs should be no higher than 3 feet and the canopies of trees should be trimmed up to at least 7 feet.
    • This will allow for open sight lines to and from a business/residence.
    • This will also prevent hiding spots close to your property.
    • Overgrown vegetation can also obstruct lighting.
  • While you are away……
    • Have a neighbor collect mail and newspapers.
    • Consider putting interior lights on a timer.
    • Be careful how you communicate online about your vacation.
      • Be aware of who can follow your social media accounts and don’t advertise your absence from home.

 Constructions Sites

  • Mark company tools and maintain an inventory.
  • Lock and properly utilize storage areas each night.Use heavy duty locks.
  • Consider parking a piece of heavy equipment in front of storage doors.
  • Security fencing should be considered for long term sites.
  • Make sure the site is well lit and easily observable by other citizens in the area.
  • Construction trailers should be locked with disc locks.These are harder to cut.
  • Trailers should be placed in a well-lit area.

 Storage Facilities

  • There should be controlled entry into the area.
  • Fencing around the facility should be see through so that suspicious activity is easily observable.
  • Units should be secured with disc locks.
  • The entire facility needs to be well lit.
  • There should be no access from one unit to the next.

 What can the Police Do (Aside from Patrol and Prevention)

  • We offer education on burglary prevention.
  • Trained officers can come to your residence or business to conduct a crime prevention review.
    • This is free of charge
    • We can work with you to set up a time that works best.
    • We can assess everything from locks to landscaping on your property